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Tony Robbins Business Mastery Netherlands 2018

Tony Robbins Business Mastery Netherlands 2018

What Is Business Mastery?

Business Mastery in Amsterdam is a 5 Day Live Training Program led by the world’s #1 life and business strategist Tony Robbins where you can expect to learn how to grow your business by 30% – 100% in the next 12 months. In this event, you will discover the 7 Forces of Business Mastery which have allowed thousands of businesses to succeed and thrive despite the worst economies in history.

In the business world today, you need a business map, not a 5-year business plan because the world is changing so quickly and you won’t be able to know what’s going to be around in the next 5 years. A business map shows you where you are and where you want to go to. But first you must know what business you are in and what business you are really in.

Business is about 2 things: innovation and marketing. Innovation simply means you are committed to adding more values to your customers than anyone else. Innovation must be done regularly and constantly in a way that your customers care about. Your innovation must be strategic and profitable which means the customers see the value and they are willing to pay. Your marketing needs to be value-added marketing because your audience is overwhelmed with adverting. To stand out, you must add value in your marketing so they want to learn more about your product/service.

About mastering your sales system, you need to realize that the best salespeople are not trained, they are found and then trained. Two core elements your business needs in finding the right salespeople are: they must have a certain amount of ego strength to deal with rejection and they must also be warm enough so that their ego doesn’t get in the way of a personal relationship (so they don’t offend people). They need to be both warm and persistent, no matter what somebody says, it doesn’t hurt them and they keep on coming.

Another key to successful business is to create raving fans, not just satisfied customers. Satisfied customers will buy from your competitors when they are offered at a better price. Creating raving fans by adding more values and building a culture that people know about your purpose. This will make your customers stay loyal to your business.

Tony Robbins Business Mastery 2018 Rotterdam Event Schedule

Business Mastery 2018 is held in Rotterdam, not Amsterdam like last year.

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17-21 June 2018 from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

Tickets and Registration:

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Tony Robbins Business Mastery Netherlands 2018

Here are the topics that you will discover at this live event:

  • Day 1: Create an Effective Business Map
  • Day 2: Constant Strategic Innovation and Marketing
  • Day 3: Sales Mastery System and Financial& Legal Analysis
  • Day 4: Optimization and Maximization
  • Day 5: Raving Fan Customers

How to Succeed in Business

The main reason why most businesses fail is because they fail to anticipate what’s coming. The ultimate power in business is your ability to anticipate instead of reacting. An example from Tony about anticipation is when you play a video game with a child. Since you don’t play this game so you don’t know what’s coming, where the bad guys (obstacles) are and how to overcome it, therefore you react to it and quickly lose the game within a few minutes. On the other hand, the child plays this game so many times that they know what’s coming, where the bad guys are and what to do about it, therefore the child anticipates and responds to the obstacles and wins the game.

The reason the child wins this game is because they play this game before and they know the road ahead. This is the power of anticipation and it’s the number one skill your business needs to survive. If you know the road ahead in your business, you have the ultimate advantage over anyone around you. If you don’t know the road ahead and you react instead of anticipate, your business will suffer and die.

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