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performance maximize your capability

Performance Deconstructed – What Are Your True Capabilities?

Life, Business, Executive, Success, Confidence, Leadership, Motivational, Personal, Career, Transition, Wellbeing* Coach (*or simply insert the latest buzzword). It’s possible to wade through endless pages of coaching classifications that range through different yet distinctly identical descriptors. Admittedly “Performance Coach” possesses inherently similar characteristics and isn’t a particularly common phrase parse that springs to mind when […]

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date with destiny gold coast review

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Review -The Date I Wish I Had Said Yes To Earlier

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny almost never happened for me and thank goodness it came! After the week from hell I just was not in the best headspace in my life. It was meant to be an experience for the two of us to grow, but I found myself going alone. Room to myself, king size […]

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become a leader

3 Tips To Identify and Develop Your Leadership Presence

Successful leaders have presence. People know what they stand for and choose whether to follow them or not. What you stand for is about the essence of your leadership brand. Typically we sum up well-known leaders in a few words, a ‘soundbite’– this is their essence. Steve Jobs was known for creativity and focus. Richard […]

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Core Purpose

How To Identify and Work With Your Core Purpose

Jack-of-all-trades If, like me you arrived in this world able to turn your hand to pretty much anything, you will know this is not always as beneficial as it would seem. In saying this I do not mean that I do everything brilliantly, what I do mean is that if I set my mind to […]

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how to achieve your dreams

4 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

“A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for.” The first time I heard this quote it inspired me to start my own business. It was something I had always dreamed of, but never really committed to, for fear of failure. So it had always been just that. A […]

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Live In The Moment

7 Tips How To Live In The Moment

Earlier today I did a 25 km bike ride in beautiful sunshine with my children aged 10 and 11. It was in aid of the local hospice and as my husband was off doing a tortuous bike ride in the Welsh hills I agreed to take them. As we reached the finish, I was so proud […]

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