Tony Robbins UPW Sydney Australia

Tony Robbins UPW Sydney 2020 Virtual Event in Australia

Are you ready for Unleash The Power Within event in Sydney? In this 4 day life-changing event, you will transform all areas of your life such as health, relationships, wealth and business. At UPW event, you will get to own the power you have within and use it to create the life you always wanted. It’s not about waiting for something miraculous to happen.

Tony Robbins is committed to helping people create lasting change and permanent results. At UPW Sydney event, you will discover how to create an extraordinary life. You will discover what has been holding you back from your goals and how to breakthrough and unlock the resources within you to make your dreams come true. You will create momentum in your life and harness the vital strategies for wealth creation.

Watch this video to learn more about this event:

Seminar Schedule

Dates and Times: 17-20 September 2020

Venue and Location

Location: Online

Tickets and Registration

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Tony Robbins UPW Sydney Australia

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How To Take Charge of Your Life

There are many people who are absolutely happy with their every-day lives, simple routines, and regular chores. However, there are some people, who are not satisfied with their lives or only pretend to be happy, secretly and openly getting jealous of the success of the others, yet having multiple reasons and excuses why they cannot achieve the admirable goals.

Those reasons and excuses hold people in a cage. Indeed, it is easier to complain and look for excuses than to take a risk and act, isn’t it? But if you are among those people, who are eager to take responsibility for own life, you should start thinking about the opportunities rather than obstacles. Stop whining, you have only one life to live, so take charge of it.

Recall a situation that went out of control, when you had to activate your energy and inner potential to solve it. How did you feel? Remember that feeling of a challenge and taste of a victory. Shall you try to achieve more now?

It is time to act, so here are three simple steps that will help you to set up your mind.

Stop Making Excuses

Think about all the reasons and excuses you have in your life and write them down. Whether it is a bad economic situation in your country, your current job contract, lack of skills or just your laziness that make you who you are at the moment, put it on the paper. Then, crumple your paper up and throw it away. From now on, do not let any excuses to separate you from the life you want to have. There are no limits, only the opportunities in front of you.

Take Responsibility

When we think that somebody else is responsible for what we are – that we do not have enough money or achieved nothing in this life, we put our own responsibility on other people. We blame bad politicians, cruel employers, insensitive parents, and teachers… But since you realize that you are the only master of your fate, you will start seeing opportunities not visible before. What is the reason to blame the world if you can direct your energy to change it?

Set Goals

Set up your personal goals that correspond with what you truly want to do and to achieve in life. Most probably the society will project their reasons and limitation on your actions, but remember, you have already passed the first step and you know that all the limitations are only in our heads. Let your goals be big enough to excite you, release your energy and give you strength and power for the new creation. It will be worth it!

Giving up your limitations and taking responsibility for your own life you will face a whole new world, where even the wildest dreams come true. Taking charge of your life is not easy, but the reward is worth it.

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