grant cardone london 2019

Grant Cardone Business Boot Camp London 2019 Live Workshop

Imagine where your business and your income would be if you had a world-class sales machine that pumped out predictable revenue each and every day. Most can only dream of this, but Grant Cardone will help you build it!

For over 30 years, Grant Cardone has been helping everyone from individual sales professionals to Fortune 500 companies build, implement, and execute high efficiency sales processes and education programs that produce predictable, record-breaking results.

He has packaged the best of his material into a 2-Day Business Bootcamp where he will equip you to DOMINATE your market.

grant cardone london 2019

Event details

Times and dates: 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2019

Venue and Locations: London, United Kingdom


There are 2 types of tickets: executive and VIP.

The #1 Business Boot Camp Sales And Marketing Workshop

In this workshop, you will leave with:

1) Sales Plan to gain market share and dominate your space

2 )Marketing and Branding plan to create omnipresence for you and your company

3 ) Plan for execution and scaling to grow bigger, faster than you ever thought possible

If you want to grow your income or your sales by 2X, 5X or even 10X you will need a plan, and Grant Cardone and his team will ensure that you leave this workshop with everything you need to guarantee your success!

Sales Plan

  • Leam the elements of a world class sales machine
  • How to engage your target customer
  • Get access to grants perfect cold call
  • Bulld your own bulletproof step sales process
  • Learn grants top 10 negotiation strategies
  • Leam how to build instant trust with customers
  • Discover how to predict buyer behavior
  • Get access to the double dollar follow-up process

Marketing Plan

  • How to celebrity brand your business
  • Brand yourself so your customer never forgets you
  • Create a plan for growing your business at 10x levels.
  • How to ethically steal your competitions customers
  • How to create the most revenue with the least work
  • How to drive traffic at a fraction of everyone else
  • How to use branding to convert the un-interested into customers

How to Execute

  • Learn how to attract the best talent in the world
  • Discover the secret to staying motivated and engaged
  • How to create a culture that attracts employees and customers
  • How to set personal, professional, and financial goals
  • Learn the 5 breakpoints that every entrepreneur will face
  • Get access to the 3×3 rule for scaling
  • Get the accountability model that guarantees project completion
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