Create A Lasting Relationship

7 Tips To Create A Lasting Relationship

As human beings, relationships are the cornerstone of our existence. Relationships can bring us daily joy, a sense of fulfilment, give us the support we need during times of hardships, and lift us up when we aren’t feeling our best. Companionship provides meaningful conversation and comradery.

Benefits of a lasting relationship

  • When we feel lost, we know that deep down we are not really “lost” because that special someone is always there to listen when we need it.
  • Relationships help our emotional health. There are a multitude of studies that actually prove that good, healthy relationships play a positive impact on our emotional health. Friendships lesson our stressful times, help with anxiety, keep our moods up, and help us instill good habits in daily living.
  • Trusting friendships can help steer you in the right direction. When you are at a stand-still or turning point in life, a person you trust can help you work through your decisions on what to do or where to go next.
  • Friendships are like counselors, only they are free! If you have a problem or are facing adversity in life, a true friend or partner can help you get through it. Going through a harsh event all alone will make you feel like you have no one to support you, and the support of a true friend will make a bad situation easier to deal with.

Some relationships work out and some don’t. Whether your relationship is a true friendship, long-term relationship or an intimate one, here are some ways to create one that lasts.

Ways You Can Apply To Create A Lasting Relationship

#1. Let It Happen Naturally

Don’t force it. True relationships come naturally and the connection between the two of you is one of happiness and bliss. Not all relationships work out, and that is okay. Understand that you do not need to spend time with someone if there is no natural connection that “clicks”.

#2. Don’t Take Each Other For Granted

There’s a law that plays in every aspect of our life and especially in our relationship. It’s called The Law of Familiarity. This law simply states that if we are around anything long enough, we tend to take it just a little bit for granted. And this law is what kills most relationships.

At the beginning of a relationship, we do anything for the other person. We appreciate them and we never stop complimenting them. However, after we get off the “high” of the relationship, which is usually 2 years in average, we start to take each other for granted. We stop complimenting or dating the other person like we used to.

I love this advice from Tony Robbins at his Date With Destiny event, which is “If you treat people at the end of the relationship like the beginning, there won’t be an end.” You have to know what worked in the beginning of your relationship, and continue to meet each other’s needs so your relationship will be fulfilling and vibrant as in the beginning.

Create A Lasting Relationship

#3. Understand Each Other

Be Understanding of Each Other. Even if you enjoy being together and you find that your friendship or deeper relationship is something you both want, there are going to be differences. It is important to understand that you are not always going to believe the same things, feel the same way, or react to situations similarly. True relationships overlook those differences and find a way to still have caring feelings for one another.

#4. Trust Each Other

Have trust. Trust is huge. With a lasting and meaningful relationship, it is important to have that person be the one you can tell anything to, without any judgement or worry of being viewed negatively. It is also vital that you and your partner or friend respect each other enough to not discuss your conversations that require trust to anyone else.

#5. Conflict Is Okay

Let conflict happen, because it will. There are going to be times during your relationship in which you just don’t see eye to eye. You may, or probably will, get in arguments. This is normal. Calmly talk out your differences and let each other speak without interruption. If you still disagree with each other, then that is fine. It is perfectly okay to agree to disagree and move on. Not agreeing on everything should never define your relationship.

#6. Always Listen

Listen and be there. Always be a good listener. If you are in a solid, caring, and lasting relationship, you need to be a good listener and be in-tune to your partner or friend’s thoughts. Understanding that your friend’s stories and situations are important and that you need to be there with a listening ear will go far. This needs to be reciprocal, and with a healthy relationship it will be.

#7. Understand Interests

Understand your differing interests. Even though you are great friends or companions, you may not have all of the same interests or hobbies. It is important to understand that just because you both care for each other; you don’t have to have all of the same interests. Accepting each other’s different hobbies and interests can actually help you both enhance your relationship. You can learn from each other and develop an appreciation for what you both do.

For many of us, relationships give us even more reasons to live. Living a full and happy life is important to us, and luckily, doing this with someone we care about makes the good things better and the not-so-good-things endurable!

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